Friday, July 6, 2018

term 2 relfiction.

I Have Worked well is I have done what I need to do and math and
Reading Writing and Other Things like posted work. that I need to
finish and If the teacher Tell me what I need to finish I will do it

What have I shown my Yms hero values? I have helped
others and be kind to other people and little kids if they are sad.
and I will take them to the office and I will play With  people

Are there some things that have not gone well? Yes, I have
not done the right thing with my friends on the playground.

What challenged me and how did I work through the challenged?
I found math whizz hard for timetables. and sometimes
reading and writing.  

what will be my focus on next term I will focus on my maths
reading and writing and other things that needed to be done? in the

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