Thursday, December 6, 2018

Paddle boarding O:

HELLO EVERYONE!!!!  Welcome back to another blog post on Wednesday 5th. We went paddle boarding at Lake Rua. It was a fun day. When we arrived at the location we had to take cars to the spot  and we had to get out of the cars and we went to the person. who tell us how to do paddle boarding we had to get in to 2 groups and we had to go on a huge board and we had to pump it up  so when we finished it   we had to put the board in the water and. the 6 of us had to get on the board and we had to paddle and we had to say stroke stroke stroke   it was fun we had to try and stand up so we had to stand up and then all of us fell in the water, so we had to get back on the board and it was very windy and it was hard  so we had lunch after  lunch we got on our single boards it was fun on the singel boards so the guy said we had to stand up on the boards but I was scared to stand up. so i tried and stand up but I fell so I tried again and I stand up on it and I had to paddle but i fell but I tried and then I was pushing hard on the paddle to make it go fast. so the guy said we have to go back to land so we did so we packed up and go back to school so we had to go in the staff room and we had a nice hot drink. So that's the day hope you liked it. Here are the photos it was apart of William Pike challenge.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Pet day!!!

HELLO EVERYONE!!! Welcome back To another blog  post It Is pet day Today at School we had to do  sand saucers I had to get stuff from my house to decorate it by hand and I will show you my photo with my sand saucer. hope you like my blog post about pet day so hope you guys enjoy please comment on my blog about pet day so here is my picture. It takes me like maybe 19  min to make it  tell me if you made one if you did i like  to hear if you make  one at your school so here is my photo hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Book character day O:

HELLO EVERYONE!!!!  On Thursday 22nd november  we had to dress up for book character day I dressed up is luke skywalker and It was fun we had to do a parade and show off our   customs. so I will show you my photo what Ilook like I hope you enjoy this blog post about book character day  so here I
s this photo hope you enjoy. about This tell me if you did book character day and tell me what you dressed up has hope you enjoy my blog post be sure to comment well bye.

Friday, November 23, 2018

You are the star.

HELLO EVERYONE I am back with  another blog post I am going to show you my book what I made this week it's about  Star Wnce upon a time there was bad guys trying to shot Jacob and luke so they had to fly planes to the other planes  to get jacob and luke so they crashed a plane and jumped out at least so they had to lazer them all and. They did but latter more came but that means someone called the bad guys so they had to lazer all of them again so they did so that means all of the bad guys are gone the end of the blurb enjoy.
 but I am in it so I will show you my book what I did I hope you like this blog post be sure to comment  and tell your friends to look at my cool story. so that everyone can comment on my blog thank you everyone and don't forget to like this blog post everyone I well give you the blurb of the back. O

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Book weak O:

HELLO EVERYBODY!!!!! Welcome back to another  blog post hope you enjoyed school I well be showing you what we did this weak we were unboxing a box with a book in side it the book was called the goldfish boy it is a good book. the names of the book was Jake and  Matthew  jake says idiot and nutie in the book I well show you a photo of the book I hope you guys enjoy this blog post you should buy the book,I no i well enjoy it so here is the photo of the book.

it is a cool book hope you guys enjoy this book.