Friday, May 18, 2018

How to solve Algorithms Work

   This week I have been working hard on algorithms at maths time. I did have some trouble at first but I kept trying and in the end I think I did well. Here is photo of how I got my answers. It was not that easy to do but I got the hang of it by working it out in my maths book.  I also now know how to carry to the next column. My next step will be subtraction algorithms.

Friday, May 11, 2018

non chronological

This is my non chronological report 
                  The anamell  is a half dog and cat it eats candy and its shoes made of candy food and it likes to go to kfc to get food it does not like to play with kids or people it lives in candy land the price is 10000$ it name is hoppy the body is a box and it has a box head so it has a weird tall so it sleeps in a box on a roof and it went into the kfc and steeles it so it was happy because hop does not have any money to buy food so it smells the food to eat so it went to bed in a candy bed so it was about to go to sleep but then he heard something so he just went to bed so the next day he saw someone walked in to is candy land and when is walked he saw kids so hop was going to run away but he tells them to leave but the kids want to stay so the kids was going to say way are you here so hop was not going to talk so the kids left so he was going to block off the door so the kids won't get in again so the next day he went to kfc to sell some kfc but he was not going to steal but the police came and the police got him so the police said who are you but hop did not tell them so he called is friends to get me out off the car so one off is friends got him out off the car so hop went back to candyland so the cop did not no were was hop but then hop went  back to is room and he went to sleep so that was the end off hop.

Monday, November 27, 2017

A&P Show

 Last week our class had to do an A & P Show presentation. We had to pick some activities and I picked My Food Truck and the food is Hot chips burger fish&chips and chips in burger.

When  we went to the A&P show we were lucky to see Bill English and we had our photo taken with him.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Oceanmaker

The Story set is in the desert the man was sad, I was flying and I saw boats the plane was going down the man was thinking about what's going to happen. the man saw a lighthouse and the lighthouse was flashing in the man eyes and he was rubbing his eyes there was people in the lighthouse and then,  the man save the people so the man was happy that he save the people so the people was happy.

The plane was going down so everyone was screaming then the man no what to do he was trying to fix it but then the plane was smoking and it was a bad one so he telled everyone that the plane was going down so the man fixed the plane and he was happy and the people was happy with him at the end but then he died.

We watch some of the movie and the I done a plan and then I done the writing of the story so can I have some feedback.
yesterday we had to do a nariative writing here is the video that you can watch enjoy.